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Citizens charged with drunk driving are often understandably confused when confronted with the criminal justice system. The following resources will help answer many questions.

Los Angeles Superior Courts
Locations of all courts in L.A. County, with addresses, maps, phone numbers and hours of operation for each.

Los Angeles DUI Law and Drunk Driving Resources
General information about drunk driving arrests with links to Los Angeles County resources and other DUI related pages.

Los Angeles Superior Courts Locations

Los Angeles DUI Laws and Lawyers

Los Angeles DUI Laws and Lawyers provides a resource for those accused of drunk driving. It is also intended as an answer to those organizations working for ever more severe laws, greater use of unfair evidence and procedures, increasing destruction of our constitutional rights, and a new age of prohibition. See the National Motorists Association's website, which offers alternative commentary on issues such as DUI roadblocks, inappropriate criminal penalties and license revocations/suspensions imposed by the officer in the field.